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Amor y Existencia

Posted on April 24th, by Henrik Hytteballe in Paintings, 2012. No Comments

Barmhjertighed / La Compacion / 109 X 56 Cm / reserved

Our book is out and available – either through Books on Demand https://www.bod.com.es/libreria/amor-y-existencia-hector-castillo-9788411231541 all over the world or in Denmark via Saxo.com
The book is in spanish. Hector Castillo from Bogotá, Colombia writes very poetic essays about Trees, the Night, Light, Death, Loneliness, Solitude, Compassion and I Have made 11 paintings illustrating his words.
It was a great challenge for me making these paintings. I wondered – “How do I illustrate Faith? or Compassion?” – I think I succeeded. Both Hector and I are very pleased with the final result, andI am impressed by the colours in the book. The printing is great.