About Henrik Hytteballe

About Henriks work

Inspired by nature, music and the people he meets, composer and artist Henrik Hytteballe’s visual works range from abstract compositions to partially figurative universes. Through amorphous shapes and rich pastels, he explores the clash between civilization and culture, philosophy, myths and spirituality.

“Experiences of beauty are not just sensory experiences of delicious forms,” notes Hytteballe, adding, “They can open the world in a way that we perceive dimensions we may overlook.”

Working with both spatula and brush, Hytteballe’s acrylics are revelatory and self reflective, drawing on contemplative discoveries and views of the world that may be elusive at first glance. Each piece serves to underscore a love of nature, of animals, and a profound respect for all living things. In viewing Hytteballe’s works, interpretations can vary from palliative and pristine to deeply immersive and confrontational. In layers, hues and form, the artist unveils the many gifts nature has bestowed upon us. Using movement and juxtaposition, he establishes meaning and a new perspective on the chaotic world in which we often find ourselves.