The story behind Dahab Suite

Posted on April 27th, by Henrik Hytteballe in Udstilling 2015. Comments Off on The story behind Dahab Suite

It all started with a journey to Dahab in Egypt last Christmas and New Year.

Before we left Dahab, Gitte and Henrik decided that this was plenty of inspiration for a separate exhibition with paintings reflecting the impressions that Dahab gives so generously.

The atmosphere by the coast in Dahab is so relaxed – Dahab seems to be where chill-out was invented. People are friendly and you feel safe and secure although many of the citizens in Dahab are living on a very small budget.

We enjoyed the wonderful corals in the Red Sea, riding on camels. After hiking in the red desert we had delicious tea at the Bedouins and experienced a fantastic sunset followed by an amazing full moon.

We shared the streets with goats and sheep and a lot of children playing. Unfortunately the kids treated the wild dogs badly, but along the coastline in the cafés and bars, the animals were guests, too and sometimes joined us at the table.

We were impressed by the quality of Egyptian cotton and the bright colors and wonderful patterns used in textiles, lamps and carpets.

We want to give our thanks to this wonderful place by making this exhibition and we want to change focus from violence and political conflicts to the fact that in Dahab peace rules and people live together no matter how different their lifestyle is.

We do hope that Egypt and its people again will experience prosperity and good quality of life. Therefore it is important that the tourists go back to Egypt, because so many Egyptians are depended on the income paid by foreigners.

We want – with this exhibition – to express our gratitude and colorful experience in Dahab in an artistic way and to share positive view on Egypt.

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